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Conceptual physics alive! : volume 5 : special relativity 1, special relativity 2, atoms / Paul Hewitt.
DVD includes: Special relativity I: A discussion on the concept of time dilation leads up to a showing of the 12-minute animated film "Relativistic time dilation." Segment length: 47 minutes. Special relativity II: Length, momentum, mass, and Einstein's famous equation E=mc2 are discussed and supported with several fanciful examples. Speculations about going faster than the speed of light are entertained. Segment length: 36 minutes. 3. Atoms: Bohr's atomic model is described, with emphasis on the smallness, emptiness, and plentifulness of atoms. Atomic number, atomic mass, relative atomic sizes, and the wave properties of matter are also discussed. Segment length: 42 minutes. "Observe Hewitt teach in a classroom with real students, using engaging demonstrations and artwork." -- Publisher website.