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Conceptual physics alive! : volume 10 : electrostatics, electric current, magnetism and E&M induction, bloopers, more goodies: Paul G. Hewitt, a personal view / Paul Hewitt.
"Observe Hewitt teach in a classroom with real students, using engaging demonstrations and artwork." -- Publisher website. DVD includes: 1. Electrostatics: Electrostatic charging is demonstrated in a variety of ways--with a rubber rod, cat's fur, an electrophorus, a Whimshurst electrostatic generator, and a Van De Graaff generator. Lightning rods, charging by induction, and charge polarization are also discussed. Segment length: 35 minutes. 2. Electric Current: Concepts in electric current and examples of Ohm's law are discussed. Series and parallel circuits are demonstrated using a car battery that has extended terminals. Segment length: 30 minutes. 3. Magnetism and E&M Induction: Electromagnets, motors, generators, and magnetic levitation are examined, using numerous examples and demonstrations. Segment length: 41 minutes.