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Friendship and family : early stage 1, kindergarten, book 1 / Board of Studies, Teaching & Educational Standards NSW.
"This official NSW English teaching resource offers a series of Stage 1 teaching and learning experiences around the theme of friendship and family, which are mapped to the NSW English K–10 Syllabus. Teachers can modify activities to match students' abilities and needs, the class unit of study, and your school's available literature. The lessons do not have to be taught as a unit of work or in any particular order. Includes the following areas: •Decoding detective – covers developing phonological awareness and applying it to reading and writing. •See it and say it – covers developing recognition of high-frequency words and applying this knowledge to reading and writing. •Looking at language – covers grammar – nouns, verbs, adjectives; reading and viewing and composing sentences. •Building a sentence – covers building a simple sentence using basic punctuation. This book can help with: •foundation literacy skills; •phonological and phonemic awareness; •concepts of language; •high frequency word recognition; •knowledge and understanding of grammar, sentence structure and punctuation; •understanding structures and themes in texts; •an appreciation and enjoyment of literature; •connections to personal experiences." -- NESA website.