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Moments in time : stage 3, years 5 and 6, book 2 / Board of Studies, Teaching & Educational Standards NSW.
This official NSW English teaching resource offers a series of Stage 3 teaching and learning experiences around the theme of moments in time, which are mapped to the NSW English K–10 Syllabus. Teachers can modify activities to match students' abilities and needs, the class unit of study, and your school's available literature. The lessons do not have to be taught as a unit of work or in any particular order. Includes the following areas: Journeys through time, space and imagination – covers visual texts and language features; Time travel – covers imaginative texts and punctuation; The rise and fall of – covers comprehension, strategies and language; Games through time and space – covers text structures, adapting language for different audiences and purposes; Transport in the past, present and future – covers critical thinking, comprehending and composing texts and film techniques; Inventions and records – covers informative texts, text structure and language features; Books and their stories – covers multimedia texts and film techniques; Imaginative journeys – covers imaginative texts and text interpretations; Tomorrow and beyond – covers text structures and language features. This book can help with: student's knowledge about personal and global history, games, language, sustainability and unusual inventions; critical, creative and imaginative thinking; skills in composing and interpreting imaginative and informative texts; knowledge of complex punctuation and etymology; an understanding of the relationship between text structure, audience and purpose; skills in composing multimedia texts; an understanding of film techniques used by composers; comprehension strategies; knowledge and understanding of language and grammatical features; connections to personal experiences.” -- NESA website.