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Conceptual physics alive! : volume 2 : Newton's 1st law, Newton's 2nd law, Newton's 3rd law / Paul Hewitt.
"Observe Hewitt teach in a classroom with real students, using engaging demonstrations and artwork." -- Publisher website. DVD includes: 1. Newton's 1st Law: The law of inertia and the concept of mass are introduced and supported with a variety of examples and intriguing demonstrations, such as the tablecloth-and-dishes stunt. The concepts of net force and statics are also illustrated. Segment length: 45 minutes. 2. Newton's 2nd Law: The relationship of force, acceleration, and mass is illustrated with a variety of examples. The effects of friction on motion are shown using both sliding and falling objects. Segment length: 42 minutes. 3. Newton's 3rd Law: The notion that a force is a push or a pull is developed. The concept that forces always occur in pairs as interactions between one thing and another is supported with numerous examples, including a tug-of-war. Segment length: 43 minutes.