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Arthur McGuinness / Harry McDonald.
Collection code: Artworks. This portrait was a finalist in the 1945 Archibald Prize - Information from the Art Gallery NSW website at URL below. Arthur McGuinness was President of the New South Wales Public School Teachers' Federation (NSW Teachers Federation) during the years 1929-1932, 1935-1936, 1940-1945. The Catalogue of the annual exhibition of the Teachers' Federation Art Society for 1939 lists Arthur McGuinness as a Patron of the Society. He resigned as President NSWPSTF September 30 1945 (Education Vol. 26 No. 12 18 October 1945, page 358). Arthur McGuinness died in hospital in Sydney on Sunday, March 15 1970, at the age of 92 (Education Vol. 51 No. 12 1 April 1970, page 52). "Born in Armidale, New South Wales in 1914, Harry McDonald attended the Julian Ashton Art School, studied in Sydney with Dattilo Rubbo and East Sydney Technical College. In 1945 he joined the S.O.R.A. (Society of Realist Art) and conducted classes at the Waterside [Workers'] Federation." -- Australian Art Auction Records. During 1943-1944, Harry McDonald contributed a number of sketches on issues concerning teachers and education, to the Federation's journal, "Education". The column was called "As it seems to me". Harry McDonald was President of the Federation Sketch Club in 1947 (Education Vol 28 No. 14, 15 December 1947, Addenda to Annual Report pages 5-6). Signed lower left hand corner of painting: Harry McDonald 1945.