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Sam Lewis Peace and Environment Awards 2016.
6 prize winning entries from the 2016 Sam Lewis Peace and Environment Awards are displayed. To view artworks, please click on 'Images' at the foot of this record. Entries include artworks, T-shirt, photographs of "Garden of reconciliation", and posters. Throughout his life, Sam Lewis (President NSW Teachers Federation 1945-1952, 1964-1967) was actively concerned with raising the consciousness of teachers and young people about the importance of international understanding and the risks to humanity from the arms race. The Sam Lewis Peace and Environment Awards give recognition to the vital role schools may play in promoting education for international understanding, peace and disarmament. Its establishment by the NSW Teachers Federation is designed to encourage and reward constructive and innovative efforts in the field of peace education in accordance with Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Images of the whole school, 1st and 2nd place prize winners are available. In addition, poster with the 2016 theme 'What does peace mean to me?' Collection code: Artworks.

annika and sarah.jpg

Equal 2nd Prize. Annika Hore and Sarah Baker, Mimosa Public School. Model - "Peace Tree".


1st Prize winner. Annabelle March, Warners Bay Public School Poster - A3 Laminated

CoverRTH899CO - Copy.jpg

1st Prize. Whole School, Wauchope Public School "Garden of Reconciliation" project outline with photos.

hannah and larissa.PNG

2nd prize. Hannah Gough and Larissa Myhr, Narara Valley High School. A2 Poster


1st Prize. Audrey Maggan, Camden Haven High School Poster, A4

sam lewis 2016.JPG

Poster: What does peace mean to me? 2016


Equal 2nd Prize. Sienna Thomson, Warners Bay Public School. T-shirt - back.


Equal 2nd Prize. Sienna Thomson, Warners Bay Public School. T-shirt - front.