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journal of industrial relations.
The journal of the Industrial Relations Society of Australia--Cover. Current and issues back to 1959 available at the URL below. Electronic resource. Access online in library. 1990: Volume 21 no. 2 June 1990, p. 112-125, contains article "The making of women trade union leaders" by Sue Ledwith, Fiona Colgan, Paul Joyce and Mike Hayes. (See documents catalogue for access to this electronic file. Contact library.) 2009: Volume 51 no. 3 June 2009, p. 331-346, contains article "Women, work and industrial relations in 2008" by Marian Baird and Sue Williamson. 2021: Volume 63 no. 4 September 2021, Special Issue: 'Workplace gender equality: Where are we now and where to next?'